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CS:GO Powered

By using the CS:GO engine, we get a lot of very useful features for free!

New testing elements

P2:CE brings back several cut puzzle elements, including Adhesion gel, the Paint-Gun, Schrödinger's cubes, and others.

In addition, existing elements are enhanced with new features for mappers!

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WebM Support

A modern game should use modern formats, so we stripped Portal 2's old BINK video support and made our own WebM video implementation!

This results in better quality and framerate as well as massive file size reduction. A win-win for everyone!

You can now also load custom videos in your map.

Running everywhere on 64bit

P2:CE is available natively on Windows and Linux, with a Mac build possible if there is enough interest. All 64bit.

Hammer and other MFC tools run on Windows natively, and run on Linux using Steam Proton.

Planned features

Puzzlemaker rewrite

Since we do not have the sources for Portal 2's puzzlemaker, we will have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch. When we get to that, P2:CE's puzzlemaker will be designed to be way more powerful and expandable than the original.

Scripting improvements

  • New .NET 5.0-based scripting system, succeeding the more limited VScript system
  • Scripts written in C# 9.0
  • Hot-reloading of scripts to quickly preview and test changes in-game


P2:CE's workshop will function in a similar manner to Garry's Mod or Left 4 Dead 2's workshop. Instead of uploading individual .bsp files, Portal 2: Community Edition workshop items are entire VPK archives, and can contain models, materials, maps, scripts, particles and anything else. In addition, workshop items can declare dependencies on each other, allowing you to easily use workshop content in your mod.

A workshop item doesn't even have to be a map. You can upload your model and let mappers set a dependency to your item on their workshop page. All subscribed assets will be usable in the tools as well.