Core Team

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  • Project Founder
  • Programming
  • Project Manager
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  • Linux Port
  • Programming

Code contributions / partners

We partner with other projects to share code and collaborate. These are mostly open source projects.


Even people without a license can contribute to Portal 2: Community Edition, by providing assets, ideas or feature-implementation examples. If you have anything that could help us, please tell us!

SlartibartiCode and licensing advice
Msalinas2877minimp3 implementation example
Wii2Font and graphic assets
josepezdjCustom models
sonopCustom models

How we got here

We are licensed developers with access to Valve's source code repositories. We received permission to use the code to develop this project. To contribute to Portal 2: Community Edition's code, you would be required to be under Valve NDA and have access to the source code yourself.

This is the entire purpose of this mod. Only very few people are able to alter Portal 2's source code, so we want to make use of our position by implementing as many features as possible and make them available to everyone.