Portal 2: Community Edition

Portal 2: Community Edition

Portal 2 improved by the community, for the community.

The new standard.

Portal 2: Community Edition is a mod for Portal 2 that improves its engine to empower modders to create content that was previously impossible.

The engine is based off the CS:GO version of the Source Engine with the entirety of Portal 2 ported to it. Our goal is to provide a platform for the entire Portal community to create and share content on.

Community driven.

We are community modders that received Valve's direct permission to create this mod.

Since P2CE uses licensed engine code, the source code cannot be made open, but we're trying to be as transparent as possible about any internal ongoings.

If you found a bug or want to suggest a feature, check out our GitHub Issues Page!

Custom campaign.

P2CE doesn't only change the engine. The 1.0 release will feature a completely new campaign to showcase all the new stuff with its own subtle, coop-inspired story, new characters and new puzzle elements.

Highly configurable.

Portal 2: Community Edition unlocks hard coded values to be manipulated by maps and mods.

Want to change your Portal colors? Gel colors? Crouch view height? You can do that now.

Portal 1 Compatible.

Through configuration, Portal 2: Community Edition can be made to look and feel just like Portal 1.

Console-Variables are available for

  • Movement type (Portal 2 movement, Portal 1 movement)
  • Portal-Gun Model, Sounds Particles
  • Held object throwing


For this project, everyone is at the table, not just modders. We're very careful to try not to upset speedrunners by mindlessly fixing glitches that enhance the game more than it hurts.

None of the glitches and bugs that speedrunners love will be fixed. If a bug, like crouch flying glitch, is deemed fix-worthy, a console variable will be put in place that enables this bug to be brought back!

Workshop Supported.

Portal 2: Community Edition supports the Steam Workshop for custom maps.