1. Will this support BEE-Mod?

No, But not because we don't like BEE, but because we're rebuilding the entire in-game puzzle maker from scratch, which makes BEE obsolete. However, we work closely with the BEE-Mod developers to satisfy the needs of everyone.

2. How much does it cost?

Nothing. P2CE is non-profit and fully free to play without any micro-transactions or the like. All you need is Portal 2!

3. Do I need to own Portal 2 to play P2CE?

Yes. You need to own Portal 2 on Steam to download P2CE. If Portal 2 is installed, P2CE will automatically detect and mount it. We're planning to add the ability for P2CE to download Portal 2 for you if you don't have already.

4. How do I get access to the closed beta?

You can't. The closed beta is only accessible to a selected group of testers. Please be patient.

5. When does P2CE release?

We're currently aiming for late 2021. Watch out for announcements on Discord or Twitter to stay up to date.

6. Which operating systems does it run on?

P2CE currently runs on Windows, but a Linux build is on its way. In the future, we'd also like to support MacOS. All 64bit of course.

7. Is there a workshop?

Yes. That's definitely planned for release.

8. Is multiplayer supported?


9. Is VR planned?

No. VR is out of the scope for the time being. We don't rule it out entirely and might look into it in the future, but there's nothing to get excited about at this time.